In a world full of sound-alike competitors, the future belongs to the customer experience.


“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.”
–Albert Einstein

In case you missed it, buyers are evolving. And with facebook, YouTube, instagram, twitter, Whats App, WeChat, SnapChat, Reddit,, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr–and other interesting apps being introduced every week–everything pertaining to mindshare is on the table. Beyond ads and beyond gimmicks–to insights and relationships that embrace narratives and content along the buyer journey. And it can extend through a variety of options. Customers still traverse from awareness to engagement, to shopping cart without many businesses having the slightest idea of what brought them there, or how to measure it.

My current interests are aimed at developing a seamless experience through the buyer journey that ensures each touchpoint connects in a way that is more informed, logical and measurable, to infuse your voice across all platforms to deliver a coherent message.

Here’s a look at the services I provide:

  • Conceptual Services – Brand messaging, concept development, ideation, product naming/slogans, SEO copywriting.
  • Strategy – Creative brief, Go-to market strategy, buyer personas, content strategy
  • User Experience – Transactional content, customer on-boarding, content research, content testing and editing, content audit, competitive audit.
  • Creative Management – Brand style guides, best practices, content governance, content planning, editorial calendar, requirements gathering, stakeholder interviews.
  • Mobile messaging – In-app messaging, SMS messaging.
  • Demand generation – Landing page optimization, e-mail marketing campaigns, ideas and strategy for social media.
  • Content marketing – Blogging, video script writing, webinar content, event marketing content, press releases, article writing, case studies, solution briefs, brochures, white papers, ghost-writing
  • Technical content – Help content, FAQs
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