Everyone loves a good story. So why not give it to them?










Ready for something big? How about a recent survey showing that only 44% of marketers are clear on what content marketing success looks like and that only 30% consider themselves to be effective.

Add to it recent research reflecting that 78% of CMOs believe that content is the future of marketing, and that two-thirds of marketers believe that branded content is preferable to print advertising, direct mail, and PR–there’s very little that is left to the imagination.Project list

Bottom line? Brands that can portray a compelling narrative and know how to execute at the awareness level through the bottom of the funnel will always have an advantage over competitors who skip it. And as current research indicates, that lack of understanding presents unique opportunities and challenges.

Whether you’re looking for an experienced Copywriter who can help you develop a big idea for a new product launch, a demand generation campaign to message within the buyer journey, to a Creative Director who can flesh-out a creative strategy or messaging brief to help rally C-suite, UX, design and product teams, to a Digital Strategist who can develop and maintain nurture marketing campaigns to help turn your prospects into customers–my expertise covers a range of interests that center on unifying expectations, and instilling a broad sense of momentum when there’s a ton of work ahead, and no time for a do-over.

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